The Bev Hawkins Membership Club

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Bev Hawkins, founder of the West Coast Institute of Aromatherapy, launched the Bev Hawkins Membership Club in January 2020.   

This subscription club is designed to be a forum in which anyone who has an interest in aromatherapy and its effective use, from the Novice, to the Enthusiast, to the Professional, can be supported and inspired in a sharing community.

Each month a brand new detailed package of information is uploaded to the Club.  Current members also have access to all previously published packages. This allows each member to explore the packages that are of interest to them, and work through them all at their own pace.    

Each month’s package contains 6 video lessons:

  • Welcome
  • Energetics
  • Mini Case Study
  • Essential Oil
  • Inspirational Blend
  • Mini Meditation 

Plus downloadable detailed handouts for:

  • Mini Case Study - Information on the condition, as well as sample blends to try and research found relating to that condition and the use of essential oils.
  • Essential Oil - The essential oil profile, as well as sample blends using that essential oil and research found on the essential oil.

Plus much more.

Who are our Members?

  • Anyone who has an interest in aromatherapy and the use of aromatics.

  • The Novice, who is starting out and wants to expand their knowledge.

  • The Enthusiast, who is more familiar with using essential oils and who wants to learn more without taking a formal course.

  • The Professional, who wants to continue to both expand and share their knowledge in a like minded community.

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Peek Inside the Bev Hawkins Membership Club

Benefits of Membership

  • Welcome Package - My Thank You to you. FREE Blending webinar; Aromatic Gifts for all Ages and All Seasons e-book; Multiple Informational PDF files on: Essential Oils, Reflexology Charts, Bach Flower Remedies, Crystals and Color Therapy; as well as information on understanding the essential oil chemistry and brief explanations of the Chakras and Meridians.

  • Monthly Package - Our journey through each month's package starts with the energetics of the month and includes a blend created especially for this. We then continue our explorations by reviewing a specific condition. This includes an overview of the condition, appropriate essential oils and carriers to consider, as well as aromatherapy strategies. Also available to download are relevant research studies and example blends. Each month we focus on one essential oil and this includes information on the oil and its use for body, mind and spirit. As well as research studies and blends containing this oil as an ingredient. Choosing and blending the final Inspiriational Blend is a fun and creative exercise and we close our journey with the Mini Meditation built around this blend.

  • Certificate - On completion of each Monthly Package download a 2 hour Certificate of Completion. Great for those wanting to collect Continuing Education Credits.

  • Previously Published Packages remain available for all Members.

  • Community of like-minded people to share our love of essential oils with. Sharing opportunities include the discussion area in each package, the closed Facebook Group and the Monthly Zoom meeting.

Monthly Subscription

All pricing in Canadian Dollars

Shared by some of our Members

Beverly Smith

Kentucky, USA

There is not a better teacher of aromatherapy out there than Bev Hawkins. This scent club provides a 2-hour continuing education credit for certified aromatherapists but I feel it provides so much more and is also perfect for people just learning about essential oils. Each month focuses on an oil and a medical condition. Bev provides beautiful recipes around the themes of the month as well as a holistic approach to health issues that involves much more than essential oils such as reflexology points, Bach Flower Remedies, color therapy, and crystals. After only a few months of her scent club, my knowledge and belief in myself has grown amazingly. I am able to stand back and evaluate a problem and choose essential oils and delivery methods from a deeper perspective and really zero in on the issue. Her monthly inspirational blending segments have helped me to become much better at blending accuracy and really understand the perfumery aspect. There is nothing like this class out there, and this club really puts the pieces together perfectly.

Arline Tabin

LC Aroma, Paradise, NL

Being a Certified Aromatherapist, I have always been drawn to Beverley Hawkins – West Coast Aromatherapy’s website. Her blog is always loaded with great information. I finally joined the “Bev Hawkins Membership Club” in January 2020. For approximately 15.00 CDN/monthly, a package is added to my dashboard. Each monthly package is targeted at a new ailment / illness case study. Beverley provides various research done on the subject as well as the essential oil blends that would make the most impact. The content is very thorough, and she presents the material in an easy to comprehend manner. She is also well versed in Reflexology, the Chakras, the Bach Flowers remedy, the Crystals, and the Color Therapy which she implements in the monthly package as well. Best of all, her knowledge is boundless which she generously shares with her students. She even provides the student with a monthly Certification of Completion. I always find myself eagerly anticipating her next monthly package. Thank you, Beverley, for being a guiding light for so many in this industry. Thank you for expanding my knowledge of essential oils.

Tracey Lewindon Maple Ridge, BC

I completed my formal aromatherapy training with Bev and love her teaching style so much that I needed more… and her monthly Club is a perfect fit! Whether you are a professional Aromatherapist or an essential oil enthusiast at any level, Bev Hawkins Membership Club is an incredible resource. The material is extensive and so much more than traditional aromatherapy training. The way that Bev incorporates information on complementary modalities while highlighting a variety of conditions is wonderful. I particularly love how Bev consistently focuses on the whole person. My favourite part of the monthly package is the essential oil profile and Bev’s insight into subtle and energetic properties, reinforcing how increasing my awareness of this can support the work that I am doing. Thank you, Bev for putting so much into each month and bringing all the information together into such an engaging and inspiring package!

Veronica Macdonald Southern France

Having completed my aromatherapy course I find it most helpful to take a look at aromatherapy from different viewpoints and this is where the Bev Hawkins Membership Club has come into its own for me. I wanted something with a deeper spiritual understanding of essential oils. I had experienced some of this understanding previously but Beverley takes it all to a much higher level of creativity helping to build on the knowledge I have already gained. This is of course my personal viewpoint, but I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the Bev Hawkins Membership Club to anyone wanting to increase their knowledge of the many dimensions that essential oils and other modalities work on. Thank you Beverley

Cheryl Sanford

Ontario, Canada

You will love all Bev's packages, they are packed full of information, inspiration, and insights that you won't find together anywhere else. I am loving them.

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Beverley Hawkins

Beverley Hawkins, Essential Oil Therapist – EOT®, Registered Aromatherapist – RA®, CAHP, Di.SPE. is a Registered Aromatherapist, massage therapist, reflexologist, Reiki master, Bach Flower Registered Practitioner, Reconnective Healing Practitioner, Spiritual PhytoEssencing Practitioner and educator, and is passionate about aromatherapy, essential oils, and practicing the art of aromatherapy safely and effectively. She says “To be accepted into someone else’s ‘circle of trust’ and allowed to interact with them on a personal level to create blends and protocols to help them with their challenges is a real privilege. To then see how they change, blossom, grow, heal and move forward is the reward of a job well done. Every time I am allowed to experience this, my love and respect for aromatherapy and the use of aromatics grows. Aromatherapy is truly a dynamic art and one I will never grow tired of. I am so very grateful to my students and clients for affording me these wonderful opportunities to learn and grow in a field that I love.”