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Welcome Package

Here you will find an Introduction and my  Thank You gifts to you for joining!

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This Month's Package

February 2020

February's Package is built around a Case Study on Insomnia. 

  • We take a look at how we might help the client, what essential oils we might choose and how we might consider applying them. 
  • There are also downloads on Insomnia and using essential oils, as well as information on how to help someone with Insomnia with Reflexology, Bach Flower Remedies, Crystals and Color Therapy. 
  • The essential oil chosen for the month is Sweet Marjoram (Origanum majorana) as it is one of the oils that is often recommended for Insomnia. There is a profile to download, as well as some research I've found on the oil and insomnia and sleep disorders.  I have also included a number of different blends to try.  
  • I start the package by looking at the energetics of February, its essential oils, Full Moon, Flower, Crystal and create a blend for the month, and I end the package off by choosing three oils for the Inspirational Blend for the month. Using perfumery guidelines we all get to create our own unique blend from the oils. There is also a mini guided meditation focusing on the Inspirational Blend for the Month.
  • There are lots of opportunity for members to interact both on the platform and in the closed Facebook Group.  It is this interaction that will make the club a successful Community.
  • All Previous Packages remain online and are available to new members when they join.

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