Aromatherapy Consultations:  In addition to her passion for sharing her knowledge about essential oils and other aromatics, Bev loves working with clients directly to help design the best aromatherapy blend and protocol for their particular focus.  Essential oils are incorporated into blends that address all sorts of issues from the physical, to the emotional and mental and the spiritual.  They are also wonderful additions to self-care products, as well as perfumes, and they are a great addition to help us keep our home clear and fragrant.  Bev would love to help you on your aromatic path to wellbeing and joy.  For more information and to book your appointment.

Bach Flower Remedy Consultations: Dr Bach believed that all physical disease was a manifestation of disturbances emanating from the emotional level and designed his remedies to assist us in returning to a place of balance and ease.  Bev would be privileged to help guide you in your choice of remedies to help you move back into your own place of ease. Book an appointment with Bev via phone or on Zoom.  For more information and to book your appointment.

Energy Healing:  Reiki and/or Reconnective Healing: Bev has been an energy healer for many years and considers being able to work with clients at this level to be both an honour, and a calling.   For more information and to book your appointment.

Tarot Consultations and Readings A Tarot Consultation and Reading provides a snapshot of the dynamics of the situation in question including aspects that may be hidden beneath the surface. For more information and to book your appointment.