Anatomy & Physiology

Level 1

This stand alone Anatomy and Physiology course was designed to meet NAHA's requirements for Anatomy & Physiology Level 1. An ideal add on to any eligible aromatherapy course that does not include Anatomy & Physiology in its curriculum.

Aroma Massage

Video & Booklet

Massage is one of the most effective ways to use essential oils. Follow along as Beverley takes you step by step through an effective routine that you can use to effectively apply essential oils topically.

Aromatic Medicine

Guidelines for Self-Care

3 steps to Expand Your Knowledge of Essential Oil Applications What do you know about Aromatic Medicine? Do you already use Aromatherapy and essential oils for self-care? Do you know how to choose and use the most appropriate method of application? This workshop will give you the tools to confidently and safely use essential oils in all appropriate methods of application.

Essential Oils and Children

Learn how to effectively and safely use essential oils with children.

3 Mistakes Mothers may make when using essential oils with their families often include: Not understanding the true nature of essential oils; Thinking that there is one simple solution that works for everyone; and Simply following someone else’s advice on what to do in a given situation. This workshop will help you gain the confidence to make your own informed and safe choices for yourself and your family.

Introduction to Natural Perfumery

Explore the wonderful world of Aromatics

Expand your blending skills by learning how to incorporate time honored techniques and skills used by professional perfumers for centuries!

Business Strategies

Incorporate these 3 important strategies to take your business to the next level.

Having a successful business is more than just opening the doors. Learn how to incorporate and use these strategies in your business and see results.