Anatomy & Physiology, covering all the body systems, was always an integral part of the Full Professional Courses that were offered through West Coast Aromatherapy for over 22 years.

It has always been my belief that having a good understanding of anatomy and physiology is very helpful when it comes to understanding just how essential oils enter and are processed in the body.  It can also provide information on what we might expect them to be able to achieve.  Armed with this knowledge, along with our knowledge of the essential oils, carriers and our aromatics, we are in a much better place to design and create effective and appropriate blends, as well as choose the most appropriate methods of applications and protocols.  

Although I am no longer offering the Full Professional Courses, the Anatomy & Physiology Level 1 Course continues to remain available for those who do not have this training.

Level 1 has Seven Modules

  • An Introduction to the concepts of Anatomy and Physiology 
  • Levels of Matter
  • The Integumentary System (Skin)
  • The Skeletal System  
  • The Neurological System 
  • The Endocrine System. 

The rest of the body systems (the Cardiovascular System, the Lymphatic System, the Immune System, the Digestive System, the Respiratory System, the Urinary System and the Reproductive System) would be covered in a Level 2 course which is not yet available.

Course curriculum

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    2. Quick video on how to get around the platform.

    1. Definitions

    2. Characteristics of Life

    3. Requirements for Life

    4. Anatomical Terminology and Positions. Regions of the Human BOdy

    5. Test Questions

    1. Levels of Living Matter - The Chemical Level

    2. Levels of Living Matter - The Cellular Level

    3. Levels of Living Matter - The Tissue Level

    4. Levels of Lifing Matter - The Organ Level

    5. Levels of Living Matter - The System Level

    6. Levels of Living Matter - The Organism Level

    7. Test Questions

    1. The Skin and its Principal Functions

    2. Structure of the Skin

    3. Skin Appendages

    4. Conditions affecting the Skin

    5. Test Questions

    1. Functions of the Skeletal System

    2. Bone Structure

    3. Bone Formation and Development

    4. Classification of Bones

    5. Divisions of the Skeletal System

    6. Diagrams of the Skeletal System

    7. Conditions affecting the Skeletal System

    8. Test Questions

    1. Types of Muscle Tissue

    2. Structure of Muscles

    3. Muscle Insertion and Origin

    4. Specific Groupings of Muscles

    5. Muscle Actions causing Movement and Useful Terms

    6. Diagrams of the Muscular System

    7. Conditions Affecting the Muscular System

    8. Test Questions

About this course

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