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My first introduction to essential oils was in 1994 when I took my very first aromatherapy course.  One sniff and I was hooked!  This put me on a totally new career path and it is one that I am thrilled to be on.  I am definitely one of those very lucky people who love what they do.

Since 1994 I have taken loads of training, some very formal, some less so, in aromatherapy and the use of essential oils, as well as many other alternative modalities, and the toolkit I have to help support myself and my clients has grown and grown.

In addition, to maintaining a private practice where I see clients on a one-on-one basis, I also teach aromatherapy certification courses through the West Coast Institute of Aromatherapy.

While I truly love what I do, I do find that sometimes I find myself becoming a little isolated.  This got me thinking about how I could connect, share and interact with others who were interested in the same things that I was.  I also wanted to be able to expand this to include some of the other therapies I am qualified in.   For quite a while, I got nothing, then one day inspiration struck!  "How about creating a membership site?"  At first, I wasn't that sure, but the more I looked into this, the more excited I find myself getting about this possibility and so I am thrilled to share with you the Membership Site.  I hope to see many of you on the inside!

Who would benefit by being part of our community?

  • The Novice. Those new to aromatherapy and other alternative therapies and are interested in learning more!

  • The Enthusiast. Those who are more familiar with aromatherapy and other alternative therapies and would like to learn more without having to take a formal course!

  • The Professional Aromatherapist or Alternative Therapist. Someone who has more formal training who is looking for opportunities to enhance their knowledge base, while at the same time connecting and networking within a community of like-minded individuals.

Benefits of Membership

  • Welcome Package

    I've put together this Welcome Package of fun, helpful and free resources as my gift to you for joining me here in this community!

  • Monthly Package

    In each month's Monthly Package I will be sharing information, tips and advice, that has been especially put together for you. While each month's package may be a bit different, I will be sharing information on many of the different aspects that make up aromatherapy and the use of our wonderful aromatics. I will also be sharing information on some of the other modalities I know and love!

  • Previous Monthly Packages

    Regardless of when you join as a member, in addition to getting access to all the new information as it becomes available, you will also have access to all previous Monthly Packages as well!

  • Community

    Inspiration, Sharing, Community is my goal for this Membership Platform. Inspiration and Sharing is delivered in the Packages and Community is achieved through our forum, as well as the bonus of the closed FaceBook Group set up especially for our members!

  • Exclusive Discounts

    From time to time I will be giving our Members some special exclusive discounts. This information will be shared as they become available!


Beverley Hawkins

Beverley Hawkins, Essential Oil Therapist – EOT®, Registered Aromatherapist – RA®, CAHP, Di.SPE. is a Registered Aromatherapist, massage therapist, reflexologist, Reiki master, Bach Flower Registered Practitioner, Reconnective Healing Practitioner, Spiritual PhytoEssencing Practitioner and educator, and is passionate about aromatherapy, essential oils, and practicing the art of aromatherapy safely and effectively. She says “To be accepted into someone else’s ‘circle of trust’ and allowed to interact with them on a personal level to create blends and protocols to help them with their challenges is a real privilege. To then see how they change, blossom, grow, heal and move forward is the reward of a job well done. Every time I am allowed to experience this, my love and respect for aromatherapy and the use of aromatics grows. Aromatherapy is truly a dynamic art and one I will never grow tired of. I am so very grateful to my students and clients for affording me these wonderful opportunities to learn and grow in a field that I love.”

On Line Courses

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