3 steps to Expand your Knowledge of Essential Oil Applications

This workshop will give you the tools to confidently and safely use essential oils in all appropriate methods of application.

Step 1.Look at Modern Aromatherapy

  • Review Modern Aromatherapy’s timeline and see how the different essential oil methods of application developed.
  • Understand the Legalities of the different Scopes of Practice.
  • Review General Safety.

Step 2.Essential Oil Chemistry

  • Review essential oils, their chemistry, their properties and the safety issues around their effective use.
  • Biochemical Families and their actions.
  • Blending by Chemistry, plus an exercise to demonstrate this.

Step 3 Application Methods

  • Understand the different Pathways of Assimilations
  • Review the Appropriate Application Methods: Inhalation; Topical; Internal
  • Downloadable PDF
  • Certificate on completion of online Test

Course curriculum

    1. Exploring Aromatic Medicine for Self Care

    2. Quiz for Certificate of Completion

About this course

  • $50.00
  • 2 lessons
  • 0.5 hours of video content