Learn how to effectively and safely use essential oils with children.

Mothers, do you really know how to use essential oils safely and effectively?

3 Mistakes Mothers may make when using essential oils with their families. 

#3: Not understanding the true nature of essential oils

While the internet may offer a lot of quick fixes on “how to use essential oils for xyz”, on careful reading it becomes clear that not everyone sharing this information actually understands the true nature of essential oils.

Understanding the true nature of essential oils, how they are formed in certain plant and the function they play in those plants gives one a better understanding of what one can expect from their use.

Knowing about the major industries that have used essential oils also gives one more insight into their true nature

#2: Thinking that there is one simple solution that works for everyone

Asking “what essential oil should I use for xyz?” can never have a simple answer.

Just because a particular oil might be good for “xyz”, it does not follow that it will be good for the person you are asking about.

If five people, all with the same “xyz” condition, see the same aromatherapist, it is most likely that they will each be given a different blend of essential oils and possible protocol for use.

When addressing a condition like “xyz”, in addition to considering the condition itself, it is also important to factor in things like: their age; general health; lifestyle; appropriate application methods; appropriate percentage dilutions etc.

#1: Simply following someone else’s advice on what to do in a given situation

Unless you are going to have a consultation with a professional aromatherpist, in which they will assemble all the pertinent information needed to make a unique, effective blend for the individual, it is important to acquire your own knowledge and not blindly rely on snippets of advice from others.

Education and knowledge is always important if you want to make an informed decision about anything.

The Essential Oils and Children Workshop will take you through:

  • Introductory Video (37 minutes)
  • What essential oils really are, their function in plants, Industries using essential oils.
  • Essential Oil Pathways of Assimilation
  • Methods of Application
  • General Safety
  • Useful Measurements
  • Using Aromatics around Babies and Children Safely, Methods of Application, Dilutions
  • Hydrosols and Carrier Oils
  • Blending
  • 25 Essential Oil Profiles
  • 30 Common Conditions and Recipes
  • Downloadable PDFs
  • Certificate on completion of online Test.

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