Who would benefit from a Professional Aromatherapy Consultation?

  • The novice, who is just starting to explore the world of aromatherapy and the safe use of essential oils.  Having someone they could ask questions could certainly help them navigate the wealth of conflicting information available online today.
  • The hobbyist, who has not pursued any formal training, but who has some experience working with essential oils.  Being able to get some professional advice on blends and protocols could be invaluable.
  • The individual, who would like to experience the benefits of an in-depth consultation and the resulting unique custom blend.

The Aromatherapy Client Consultation 

Regardless of the type of blend created, every successful blend will move through 4 phases.

  1. AssessmentPart 1 of the Client Consultation.
    First I collect and review all the pertinent health information and record this on the Client Health Record.  Then, through discussion, we will pinpoint the areas of concern which allows me to identify the focus and aim of the blend.
  2. PlanningPart 2 of the Client Consultation.
    Based on the information collected during the Assessment, the type of blend, as well as the relevant essential oils, carriers, and methods of application, including frequency and duration, will be chosen.  Then I create the Customized Aromatherapy Product and give it to the client.
  3. Implementation – This is the phase where the client uses the blend and follows the treatment protocol.
  4. Evaluation – It is always important to check in and review whether the blend and treatment protocol is working.  Is it working or does something need changing?  If there is room for improvement, it is time to go back to Phase 2 and consider whether the blend and or treatment protocol just needs a little tweaking, or whether it needs to be changed completely.  Phases 2, 3 and 4 can be repeated as needed.

Types of Blends and Aromatherapy Products

There are so many different reasons to create a special blend/synergy and here are some examples of the type of blends and Aromatherapy Products one might create.

  • Physical issues e.g. a headache, PMS, muscle aches and pains, colds or flu, etc.
  • Emotional issues e.g. anxiety, grief, depression, nervous tension, etc.
  • We create custom blends to address the individual as a whole.  Because of this the blend will often be designed to address a combination of physical and emotional issues.
  • A blend to use during a spiritual practice e.g. meditation, prayer, energy healing, etc.
  • For use in a beauty product whether that is part of a beauty routine, like a facial, or body wrap, or part of hydrotherapy for relaxation.
  • Blends for use around the house.  In a diffuser for ambiance, or in a cleaning product.
  • A custom Natural Perfume.


Bev is generally available Monday - Friday between 10.00 am - 5.00 pm and Saturday between 1.00 pm - 5.00pm.  Contact her if you need a time outside of these hours.


  • Asking Beverley some questions on aromatherapy, or getting advice on your own projects can often be done in 3o minutes.
  • A Client Consultation will generally take longer than 30 minutes.  Downloading and submitting the client consultation form ahead of time can help to shorten the consultation time.
  • Bev’s rate is $1.50 per minute for the time spent in consultation, with a minimum charge of $45.00 for 30 minutes. If any products are created especially for you, the cost of the products, plus any shipping and handling will be added to the Consultation Fee.
  • Each appointment slot is set at 2 hours and the minimum amount of time is 30 minutes.  Appointments up to 30 minutes will be charged at the minimum amount of $45.00.  For longer appointments, the time spent in session will be calculated and charged out at the hourly rate of $1.50 per minute.

Book an appointment with Bev

Aromatherapy Consultation Form

Please fill out and submit the Consultation form before your appointment. Also please note on this form whether the session is to be by phone, or via Zoom.
If by phone, I will call you.
If by Zoom, I will send you a link to connect with me in Zoom.