Bach Flower Remedy Consultation.

Bev completed her Level 3 Bach Flower Training in January 2005 and since then has helped many clients choose the right remedies to help bring them back to balance.  

During the consultation we will discuss the issues the client would like to address with the remedies.  After carefully listening to the client Bev will make some suggestions as to which remedies might be appropriate.  These will be discussed and the client makes the final decision on which remedies will go into their personal Remedy Bottle. 


Bev is generally available Monday - Friday between 10.00 am - 5.00 pm and Saturday between 1.00 pm - 5.00 pm.  Contact her if you need a time outside of these hours.

  • A Consultation will generally take longer than 30 minutes.  
  • Bev’s rate is $1.50 per minute for the time spent in consultation, with a minimum charge of $45.00 for 30 minutes. 
  • Bev can either make up the personal Remedy bottle for you (an additional cost of $10.00, plus any shipping and handling); or give you full details on how to make up your remedy yourself.
  • Each appointment slot is set at 2 hours and the minimum amount of time is 30 minutes.
  • Appointments up to 30 minutes will be charged at the minimum amount of $45.00.  For longer appointments, the time spent in session will be calculated and charged out at the hourly rate of $1.50 per minute.

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Please fill out and submit the Client Form before your appointment. Also please note on this form whether the session is to be by phone, or via Zoom.
If by phone, I will call you.
If by Zoom, I will send you a link to connect with me in Zoom.

Bach Flower Remedies

What are the Bach Flower Remedies®?

 Dr Edward Bach, who discovered the 38 Bach Flower Remedies during the 1930s, believed that all physical disease was a manifestation of disturbances, which emanated from an emotional and Soul level. By bringing these negative moods and emotions back into balance we allow the body to realign itself in health. Focusing on the moods and emotions presently being experienced by the individual allows one to identify the areas of imbalance and as each of the Flower Remedies has it’s own unique Soul quality or virtue it is a simple matter to correlate the correct Flower Remedy with the imbalance identified.

Dr Bach was well versed in Homeopathic principles however he developed his own method of extracting the vibrational energy of the plants used in his Remedies. The Remedies are formed by infusing the plant’s energy into spring water and adding brandy as a preservative. Some of the Remedies use the Sun method while others the boiling method.

How do the Remedies work?

The Bach Flower Remedies work on an energetic level to enhance the positive qualities and virtues needed. While the Remedies are always chosen based on the negative qualities being experienced, they do not suppress the negative state, but rather allow the positive state to enfold, and as this does, there is no longer any room left for the negative state. The effects of the Remedies are often very subtle, however they can be quite dramatic at times. When one is addressing a chronic situation it generally takes longer to bring about balance but when it is an acute situation, it can often be resolved quite quickly. The Remedies are all about changing our attitudes. When we change our attitudes we are able to change our perceptions of the world and thereby often are able to influence others around us to change as well.

Dr. Bach believed that the method should be kept as simple as possible so that everyone could have access to the Remedies. On the other hand, there are nuances within the Remedies and it can be very helpful to have someone who has been trained in their use to help you make your choices.  

38 Bach Flower Remedies

Agrimony – hide problems behind a cheerful face. Mental torment behind a brave face.
Aspen – Fears and worries of unknown origin.
Beech – Intolerance; intolerant of others; critical of others.
Centaury – Weak-willed and easily led, subservient.
Cerato – Seek advice and confirmation from others – don’t trust own judgment.
Cherry Plum – Fear of losing control.
Chestnut Bud – Failure to learn from past mistakes.
Chicory – Possessive, Over-protective (selfishly), smother love.
Clematis – Dreaminess, lack of interest in present.
Crab Apple – Poor Self Image; Sense of Uncleanliness.
Elm – Overwhelmed by responsibility.
Gentian – Discouragement, Despondency.
Gorse – Hopelessness, Despair.
Heather – Self-preoccupied; self-centered; self concern; talkative.
Holly – Envious, jealous, feelings of hatred.
Honeysuckle – Dwells on the past.
Hornbeam – Monday Morning Feeling.
Impatiens – Impatience.
Larch – Lack of Confidence.
Mimulus – Fear of known things.
Mustard – Deep gloom with no origin.
Oak – Exhausted but struggles on.
Olive – Lack of energy.
Pine – Self-reproach; guilt.
Red Chestnut – Fear or over-concern for others.
Rock Rose – Terror.
Rock Water – Inflexible, self denial.
Sclaranthus – Uncertainty, Indecision.
Star of Bethlehem – After effects of shock.
Sweet Chestnut – Extreme mental anguish.
Vervain – Over-enthusiasm, need to convert others to their way of thinking.
Vine – Assertive; inflexible, domineering, bullies.
Walnut – Protection from change and outside influences.
Water Violet – Proud, Aloof.
White Chestnut – Unwanted thoughts; mental arguments.
Wild Oat – Uncertainty as to the correct path in life.
Wild Rose – Resignation, Apathy.
Willow – Self Pity; Resentment.

Rescue Remedy – For all emergency stress situations. This is the only combination remedy (Cherry Plum, Clematis, Impatiens, Rock Rose, Star of Bethlehem). Rescue Remedy will comfort, reassure and calm those who have received serious news, severe upset, startling experiences causing a bemused state of mind. Rescue Remedy can also be used just before bed to calm a troubled mind or before any stressful situation such as exams, doctor or dentist appoints and public speaking.

How to take the Bach Flower Remedies.

Add 2 drops of the chosen remedy to a glass of water or juice and sip throughout the day, or add 2 drops of each remedy into a 30ml amber glass dropper bottle and fill three quarters with spring water. You can combine up to 6–7 remedies in your dosage bottle. If you choose Rescue Remedy as part of your formula it would be considered one remedy and you would use 4 drops. You may want to add a teaspoon of brandy, apple cider vinegar or vegetable glycerin as a preservative. This is your treatment bottle. This should be taken by mouth a minimum of 4 times a day, 4 drops each time, particularly on getting up and before going to bed.

If you can’t swallow or if you are alcohol sensitive, the remedy can be applied externally by moistening the lips, wrists and temples.