History, throughout the ages and different cultures,  provides us with examples of laying on of hands and Energy Healing. Quantum Physics now provides us with an explanation as to how this is possible. Everything is energy and vibrates at a specific frequency, the denser the object, the slower the vibration.

Many different Modalities teach Energy Healing.  Some of these involve accessing specific energy frequencies.  Others require you to build up your own energy vibrations.  Some are shared through an initiation process, while others require many years of training and development.  Many require the practitioner to use a strong, focused consciousness to enable them to shift and move the energy.  A few simply require the practitioner to connect to the energy stream, step back and let it work.

My Story

For as long as I can remember the comfort I could bring to others with a gentle, compassionate touch has been part of my life.  For many years I never gave it much thought, it was just there.   However, once I had been introduced to the world of Alternative Modalities, I found myself wanting to learn more about this energy exchange.

In my quest to learn more I took a number of different introductory workshops for modalities like Healing Touch, Touch for Health and Therapeutic Touch.  I also bought and read a number of books on these modalities, as well as Energy Medicine, Vibrational Medicine, Polarity Therapy, Quantum Touch and other hands on Healing Therapies.

While all of these expanded my knowledge and understanding of Energy Healing, it was only when I received my initiation into Reiki Level 1 in 1995 that everything fell into place for me.  Two months later I was initiated into Reiki Level 2 and became a Reiki Master in June 1996.  It was during a Colour Therapy course I took in 2003, that I was first introduced to Reconnective Healing when one of the other participants recommended Eric Pearl’s book The Reconnection to me.   After reading his book and reviewing his worldwide teaching schedule, everything aligned in September 2004 when I was able to take my training with him in Seattle.

Comparing Reiki and Reconnective Healing

Comparing these two modalities I would say:

  • The Energy Healing that comes through with both of them is intelligent. I do not direct or influence the energy.  My role is to make it available.
  • As the quality and vibrations of these two modalities is definitely different the client will experience them differently as well.
  • My approach to working with both these modalities is similar. My role is to open the door to the energy source and ensure that the energy stream remains available to the client throughout the session.
  • The actual experience a client will have during the session will be determined by the energy source and the client at their highest energetic level. After years of facilitating many different Energy Sessions, I know and trust that with both these intelligent energies, the client only experiences exactly what is appropriate for them in that moment in time.
  • I have worked with both these modalities for a long time now, and learned to trust the process. Both these intelligent energies connect directly to an Intelligence far greater than my own.  Depending on your personal frame of reference you may want to call this Intelligence, the Divine, the Universe, God or Goddess, or something similiar.  So, while I might start a session out intending to connect to just one or other of these modalities, I know that the possibility always exists for the energy frequencies to switch back and forth from one modality to another.  When this happens, I simply observe and ‘go with the flow’.

During a session

There is usually no need for a long consultation or discussion before the session.  Simply make yourself comfortable.  Sit or lie down, close your eyes and “let go.”  Nothing more is required.  There is no need to meditate or pray.  Simply be open and without any attachment to what is to come.   Whatever else happens in the session is directly between you, your soul and God.

My own experiences with Energy, both in receiving it myself and in facilitating it for others, shows me that no two sessions are alike.  Everyone experiences Energy in their own unique way.  Additionally, the way a person experiences the energy one day, can be different to the way they experience it another.  Considering how different we feel from day to day, it makes sense that an Energy Session will be different too.  It will be unique to what we need that day.


Appointments are available via Long Distance Healing, or via Zoom.  I would love to be able to facilitate an Energy Session for you.

Bev is generally availble Monday - Friday between 10.00 am - 5.00 pm and Saturday between 1.00 pm - 5.00 pm.  Contact her if you need a time outside of these hours.  


  • Book an appointment by using the Book Appointment button, or follow the link to Contact us below.
  • Complete and submit the Client Form below.  Remember to note whether this is to be a Long Distance Session, or via Zoom.
  • At the appointed time make yourself comfortable.  It is entirely your choice to sit in a comfortable chair, or to  lie down to receive the Healing Energy.  Make sure you have both a blanket and a glass of water easily available.
  • If you have chosen to have a Long Distance Energy Healing Session, simply make yourself comfortable and be open to receiving.
  • If you have chosen to have your Energy Healing Session via Zoom, use the link I give you to log in.  When we are connected, I will begin the session.


  • My rate is $1.50 per minute with a minimum charge of $45.00 for 30 minutes.
  • Appointment duration is often decided upon ahead of time.  The time chosen is anywhere between 30 – 120 minutes.

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