A Tarot Consultation and Reading provides a snapshot of the dynamics of the situation in question including any aspects that may be hidden beneath the surface.

The questions are asked to focus the lens through which the cards are interpreted.  The information shared draws attention to the themes and patterns that are currently operating, consciously or unconsciously at that given moment in time.  By recognizing and reviewing these, we are often able to gain a better insight into what is actually going on.  Armed with this knowledge and insight, the individual is in a better position to consider the situation and be empowered to exercise their own free will and be responsible for making their own decision on how they wish to move forward within the parameters of the given situation.  

During the Reading I may ask questions to make sure I clearly understand the questions.  I will also check in to make sure that the information I am sharing is on point and makes sense. Engaging in a dialogue helps keep the focus on the insight being sought and prevents distractions.   

Having a clear question, or list of questions, helps to ensure that the consultation and reading is focused on getting the information relevant to the situation you are seeking clarity on.

There ae a number of different reasons why one may choose to have a Tarot Consultation and Reading including:

  • When you have a decision to make.
  • When you feel stuck, or at a crossroads.
  • When you are considering, or making, a life change.
  • When you need another perspective.
  • For personal growth and insight.
  • for fun.

The Tarot consultations and readings are offered by appointment via Zoom.

30 - 40 minutes for $50.00 or
40 - 90 minutes for $100.00  
All pricing in Canadian Dollars.

Payment options via PayPal or e-Transfer

Disclosure and Code

  • All readings are strictly confidential and will not be shared with a Third-Party.
  • The Tarot readings are from the perspective of the person at the appointment.  I am unable to answer questions from another person’s perspective without their permission.  
  • I do not give psychic readings, nor do I make predictions.   
  • My Tarot consultations and readings are not a substitute of professional therapy, legal, medical or financial advice.
  • Anyone under the age of 18 years wishing to have a Tarot consultation and reading will require permission from their parent or guardian.  
  • Both the person seeking the reading, or myself have the right to stop the reading at any time if that feels appropriate to them.
  • I reserve the right to refuse service at my discretion.

Book an appointment with Bev

Once the appointment is booked I will set up the booking in Zoom and send you the invitation to join.

Client Form

Please fill out and submit the Client Form before your appointment. These appointments are usually by Zoom, so that you can see the cards as they are drawn.  But if you would prefer the appointment to be by phone this can be arranged and you can note that on this form.